Adult accompanied
23 - 28 months

The Early 2's program is an adult accompanied class that builds on the skills developed in FUN2B1. The complexity and difficulty level of activities increase slightly and we allow children to do activities more independently.

It consolidates early movement by exposing tots to a wide range of activities that improve and develop stability, locomotion, and manipulation.

Young toddlers are taught how to abide by a structured routine, co-operate with the facilitator, and how to follow simple and more complex instructions.

Following the same structure as Fun2B1, the duration of the class is 40 minutes and it includes the following activities:

1.    Welcome song

2.    Action Songs for warm-up

3.    4 - 6 high energy, fun movement activities focusing on stability, locomotion & object control

4. Obstacle course

5.    Up & Down & Jump exercise, for core stability and listening skills

6.    Goodbye song 

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