Adult accompanied
12 months - 22 months 
Children must be able to walk

The aim of the Fun2B1 program is to enable the early walker to develop and maximize their motor skills. Achieving motor milestones not only benefits children physically but also impacts on social and cognitive development.

Fun2B1 offers a wide variety of learning opportunities and creates a springboard for all learning for children who have just become mobile.

Fun2B1 will expose your little one to a number of fun activities using color equipment, music, and more.

The duration of the class is 40 minutes and it includes the following activities:

1.    Welcome song

2.    Action Songs for warm-up

3.    4 - 6 high energy, fun movement activities focusing on stability, locomotion & object control

4. Obstacle course

5.    Up & Down & Jump exercise, for core stability and listening skills

6.    Goodbye song 

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