We offer in-curriculum and enrichment programs exclusively for your school's students.


Why Choose Playball?

School Directors all over the world have implemented the Playball program as part of their school curriculum. They have seen the benefits that Playball has given their children and the value Playball has added to their school.
Playball classes are currently being offered as part of the prescribed and approved curriculum in schools in more than 16 countries around the world.


The Aim of Our Programs

Specific School Requirements - We recognize that each school has unique requirements. Playball offers a range of flexible lesson plans and pricing packages. Playball will work with your school to assess your specific requirements and will design a tailored package to meet both your school's needs and budget.

Playball Coaches - Playball provides professional sports instruction, taught by specialist coaches to complement your school's regular curriculum.

Playball Report and Assessment - Playball coaches are proud to comply with the Professional Standards of teaching. Assessment is an important component of teaching and our coaches are trained rigorously in this aspect.

Informal assessment occurs continuously during every lesson as the coach is always tracking and evaluating the individual progress of every class member.

Formal assessment occurs at least twice a year. A selection of skills is evaluated in order to give parents and teachers an overview of overall progress. Feedback about personal development is also provided.


The Playball Curriculum

Designed for You

The Playball Curriculum is designed to complement an existing school's gross motor and sports program.

Structured Lesson Plans

Playball has developed lesson plans in consultation with leading child and education specialists.

For Every Child!

Playball provides all of the children in your school with a springboard into future team participation.


For the Long-Term

The Playball programs follow the guidelines of the long-term athlete development framework.


Playball is More than Just Sport

Through our carefully researched programs. Playball will help children at your school in 3 key areas:

In the Classroom

A child who has not developed sufficient trunk control through lack of movement will find academic tasks like reading and writing challenges. Poor postural control will result in poor academic performance in a classroom environment.

On the Sports Field

When a child starts participating in school sport, the focus generally shifts from a skill outcome to a result outcome e.g. does the child field the ball properly and throw it to the correct base to get the batter out. At Playball, our coaches are concerned about the development of the skill.

On the Playground

One of the main goals of Playball is to give your child the necessary skills to INTEGRATE and ENGAGE with other children on a social level. Aspects like confidence, sharing, and developing their “self-concept” (defined by Parkus and Nirius as our sense of self) are encouraged. These life skills come to the fore in a playground environment.



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