7 - 9 Year olds

The Play Sport program refines the more demanding ball skills for the sports that are covered in schools and clubs.

The Play Sport sessions use structured teaching that deals with the refinement of sport and movement skills, including the development of teamwork skills needed in a basic game situation.

The program emphasis:

Game Situation

Development of skills needed in a game situation.


The refinement of when, where, and how to move.


The development of skills related to direction, distance, and space.


Introduction to teamwork and partner work.

Decision Making

Development of decision making in a game situation.

Sport Games

Playing small-sided sports games in a competitive environment.

Fully Fledged Sport Programme

In this program, the children show a rapid increase in strength and ability. This makes it possible to implement a fully-fledged sports program, with its main aim being to create love and interest in a variety of sports.

This is the time for implementing skills that have been taught throughout all of the previous Playball programs.

What Your Child Will Achieve

In this program, your child gains a great deal of personal satisfaction from mastering their environment and will respond well to physical challenges set by the Playball coach. Their ability to play complex games makes it possible to implement sport skills and apply them in competitive mini-matches.


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