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Playball Singapore: Terms & Conditions

The PLAYBALL enrichment programme is brought to you by Kids Play Active Pte Ltd, a Singapore registered company.

PLAYBALL is conducted at various schools and venues. The rules of the venue used for the programme should be adhere to at all times. Your child will not be allowed to run around the venue unsupervised, climbing on any furniture, making noise or any other inappropriate behaviour.

Kids Play Active Pte Ltd has the right to cancel or reschedule any class / event due to illness of coach, weather, haze, lack of minimum number of participants or any other reason. In such an event a make-up class / event will be booked at a time and day convenient to the majority of students and/or convenient to the school. If this is not possible a coupon will be given for the value of the class and can be used for any future bookings / purchases from Kids Play Active Pte. Ltd.

Although we strive to keep the same coach for the term or camp, due to unforeseen circumstances, it may be necessary to change or substitute a coach for a few lessons or for the remainder of the term. At certain venues and at various times of the year, it may be necessary to change the venue. All parents will be notified of the change as soon as it is possible. Such a change might be in the best interest of the majority of the children and may be unavoidable.

Children take part in PLAYBALL for enjoyment and enrichment. In order for all to receive the most out of the lesson, we require a certain level of discipline. Should your child act out during a lesson, he/she will be removed from the situation, calmed and will be allowed to join back in when he/she is ready to do so.

PLAYBALL is specifically developed for children in their early years. Children in this age group are still developing their concentration skills, we therefor ask parents / helpers to refrain from gathering and socialising during a lesson where it will be visible to the child. This will most definitely distract the children and minimise the value of the lesson. All PLAYBALL coaches are professionally trained in coaching young children. We ask parents to allow the coach to take control of the class and deliver a quality lesson.

A sick child is better cared for at home. The PLAYBALL coach has the right to ask for a child to sit out should the coach feel that the child is too ill to participate.

All PLAYBALL coaches are trained in basic First Aid. In case of an incident, they will act immediately in the best interest of the child and then seek additional help and assistance if needed.


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