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Playball Singapore: Indemnity

I, parent and/or legal guardian of the child registered for Playball, hereby consent to my child participating in the various activities presented in the PLAYBALL enrichment programme and that my child take part in the programme / activity at own risk.

I further agree to the condition that, while every precaution will be taken for the safety and welfare of my child and any adult accompanying my child and for the care of his/her possessions, I will hold blameless and indemnify all PLAYBALL coaches, Kids Play Active Pte Ltd and all other organisations, schools, venues and people associated with the programme, should any prejudice, loss, damage, illness or injury or death occur to my child due to his/her participation in the programme. This includes an indemnity against recovery of costs resulting from damage, loss and/or medical conditions or hospitalisation.

In case of a medical emergency the PLAYBALL coach will act immediately with the best interest of the child in mind, this may include seeking emergency medical attention. I agree to the PLAYBALL coach or any member of the team to act on their discretion in case of such an emergency. Kids Play Active Pte Ltd, the PLAYBALL coach or the venue/ schools, cannot be held liable for any cost involved for such an incident.


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