Why Playball?

Children thrive in our fun-filled, high-quality sport lessons. Creating a learning environment, which boosts confidence and self-esteem, is paramount.
Your child will be coached to engage confidently in a wide range of sports skills preparing them for years of positive and competent sports participation.


The aim of Playball is to introduce young children to constructive and enjoyable sports participation through various age-appropriate programs.

All of the programs have a "multi-activity" approach, ensuring a competent foundation in all the popular sports played at school.

Our promise:

Always Active

Children are always actively involved and genuinely love everything about our lessons.

Small Classes

Our action-packed lessons are limited to very small numbers to ensure maximum learning.

Personalized Coaching

Our coaches are foundation phase experts who will have a positive effect on your child's life.

All Abilities

All our programs cater to boys and girls of all abilities and for specific age groups.

Age Appropriate

All of our programs are age-specific, offering each age group a completely different sporting experience.

Still Improving

The success of Playball is the result of over 30 years of research, development, and teaching children.

Pressure Free

We provide your child with a solid platform for confident sport participation.

Healthy Fun

All of our Playball classes are presented in a fun, structured, and active way to engage children.


Internationally Proven

Playball has proven itself in many countries over the past 30 years and is recognized as a unique and invaluable sports coaching program, with hundreds of thousands of children benefitting from a foundation in the sport.


The Best Coaches


Our coaches are hand-picked and are selected for their sports aptitude and ability to work with children in Foundation Phase.

Holistic Approach

Playball coaches follow a holistic approach that offers learning opportunities and experiences relating to the cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development of your child.

Ongoing Training

Our coaches are all trained in Playball Foundation Phase Sports Coaching techniques, and undergo upgraded training a minimum of twice a year.

Safe and Secure

They facilitate a wide range of suitable movement skills and physical activities in a safe and secure environment - perfect for optimal learning!


The Leading Foundation Phase Program

All Playball programs are developed and maintained by leading foundation phase experts, in order to bring you the most current and appropriate sports program for your child.


The Curriculum and Coaching Systems

Every lesson in every program follows a curriculum.
In any lesson, a parent can ask the Playball Coach to produce the Playball Coaching Card (our Coaching System) for that specific lesson and to see where it fits into the overall year plan (the Curriculum).


Competence in Sport

Our emphasis is an age-appropriate measure of competence in all skills forming the foundation of a sport.


Playball coaches follow a holistic approach and offer learning opportunities and experiences in a fun-filled environment.


Confidence to participate in sport, and overcoming fears that discourage sports participation, are part of our main goal.

Social Integration

We focus on building self-esteem and boosting confidence, which teaches respect and guides appropriate social behavior.


Playball Report

These reports are of the highest standard and will afford you the opportunity to follow the progress of your child.
Informal assessment occurs continuously during every lesson as the coach is always tracking and evaluating the individual progress of every class member.
Formal assessment occurs at least twice a year.

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