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Playball is an international sports and movement program specializing in the foundation phase. Playball teaches not only physical skills but also life skills in a positive and educational environment. Playball teaches over 150 000 children in more than 4000 schools and venues in 16 countries!

Using sport as the means, we provide children with a sound base from which to develop every aspect of their lives.

The aim of Playball is to introduce young children to constructive and enjoyable sports participation through various age-appropriate programs. All of the programs have a "multi-activity" approach, ensuring a competent foundation in all the popular sports played at school.

Emphasis is placed on developing stability, locomotion (movement of the body), and object control. We use colorful, age-specific equipment and the lessons are conducted with fun as a priority.

Our coaches are sport and movement specialist, specifically for the early years child. 

Playball, Playball, Playball Yeah!

Your first Playball class is always for free; contact us to arrange for a free trial class.

Below is our Public Playball Venues. Please choose which venue you are requiring about. You can choose more than one::

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